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The Canine Club of Chicago is a professional dog training company, our mission to improve the lives of dogs and their owners across the world. We work with all breeds of any age or size. Using balanced training methods, we specialize in our 4 Week Training Program for Obedience Training, Aggression Training, Behavior Modification and Puppy Training. Every dog is different in various ways, after working with thousands of dogs over the years we have seen it all and done it all. We work directly with you and your pup to ensure we address all of your dog training needs and concerns.

We develop a unique custom tailored training program for each dog based on their personality. We never start off by asking your dog to perform any kind of task. We first start with developing a mutual relationship built on trust by using several different positive reinforcement methods. We actively use food and toys to engage with your dog and keep their attention. Our goal is to make your pup eager to work for us. We make each training session a fun play session; by playing games with dogs and using positive methods we keep both the dog and trainer happy. Our training program is designed to make dogs eager to please us and want to work for us.

Jonathan Fetcher


From the moment we met the staff, we knew we found the right place.

A common issue that most dog trainers struggle with, is truly understanding if a dog is confused or simply choosing to ignore them. It is not fair in any way to apply any amount of pressure to a dog that does not fully understand what they are being asked to do. It is extremely important for every dog to have complete and clear understanding of what they are being asked to do before receiving any level of correction.

Our team of trainers have over 20 years of combined experience and knowledge. We have worked with thousands of dogs and clients. We are without a doubt able to read and understand when a dog is confused or choosing to ignore us. With our training program we make sure every dog fully understands what they are being asked to do before applying any level of correction. Once a dog completely understands what is being asked of them, we use fair and consistent correction methods to prevent any disobedient behaviors.


With our training methods and philosophy we create a balance between reward and discipline; which is key in creating a confident, trustworthy and reliable dog. Our Training Program has 100% Guaranteed Results! We take great pride in providing premium dog training that changes lives and lasts a lifetime!


Raza H. Zaidi

Owner and Training Director

Raza has devoted his entire life and made it his mission to help improve the lives of dogs and owners around the world.

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  • 500 N Lake Shore Dr. Chicago 60611

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  • (630) 999 5222

  • Working hours: 7AM - 10PM


Our team of trainers have years and years of experience and knowledge. We have worked with thousands of dogs and clients.